How to Create a Good First Impression of Your Business?

Did you know a client takes only 12 seconds to make the first opinion for you and your company? Yes, these 12 seconds are the most lasting opinions one comes up with on visiting your workplace. So, how can you be sure enough to have that first good impression?

If your business represents poor maintenance, you are probably about to turn down some of the potential prospective clients, commercial opportunities and loyal clients. What you can do to improve? Well, you should keep the place clean and hygienic. Here are some tips you can increase your chances of cracking the next deal through great first impression.

Have an inviting entrance

The main entrance of your office must be well-maintained and attractive to create a positive mindset in the groups or individuals passing through the front door. In case you have potted plants, landscape or any other inviting stuff at the entrance, ensure that they are looked after well. No fallen leaves should be spilled around and the entrance must be free from dirt, dust and mildew.

Have a spacious reception area

Most of your client’s time will be spent in the reception while waiting to join you in your private office or board room. Keeping this in mind, it is suggested to have a clean and spacious reception area. Make efforts to create a perfect inviting area for them to feel valued.

Never give your clients or guests a chance to scrutinise your place of work. Take help from the best commercial cleaning services in Sydney to keep the place pristinely clean.

Follow appropriate signage

When a client enters your office for the first time, they expect to be treated as a guest. Better ensure they reach the right place where they should be at ease while signing in the parking lot entering your office building. This is not precisely about cleanliness but creating an organised environment for your clients.

Remember, you should install signage all across the building, especially in areas where the client is likely to visit such as restrooms, emergency exits and boardrooms. It is an essential point of consideration, when it comes to creating a good first impression.

Improve overall presentation

This last point directly indicates to the cleanliness of the business premises and how tidy they look at the first look. Also ensure your office looks hygienically clean when a client visits.

To sum up, have the restrooms clean and organised in order 24 hours a day and the areas of employee workstation must remain clean at all times, free from clutter. Ask your cleaning team to take care of all the floor surfaces and clean them regularly.

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