Which hair colour brand is the best and harmless?

Are you looking for that ideal alternative to chemical hair dyes? How about a natural solution that not only colours the hairs but provides for a host of benefits in terms of hair care? Well, opt for ‘Indus Valley Gel Hair Colour’ that the brand Indus Valley has to credit which makes for this excellent Natural Hair Dye that is especially formulated with certified herbal ingredients and comes with additional benefits other than imparting colour to the hairs in an absolutely organic manner.

If you happen to belong to that group of individuals who are sensitive enough to encounter a number of side effects and allergies due to the use of chemical hair colours and thus, adding colours to the hairs remains a distant dream then take your pick with this amazing hair dye that has become a popular name in the present times owing to its completely herbal composition that causes no damage to the scalp and the hairs. Most importantly, ‘Indus Valley Gel Hair Colour’ makes for an Organic hair colour that is completely chemical free and therefore can the labeled as the Best Natural Hair Colour.

To put it precisely, the ‘Indus Valley Gel Hair Colour’ is definitely much more than any other ordinary herbal hair colour. A plenty of Bio-Organic chemical free colours are available in the present day market scenario that promises to colour the strands in an absolutely natural manner, but where this Best Natural Hair Colour leaves its unique mark is that this amazing product also makes for a brilliant solution for a variety of hair and scalp related problems that come under the name of this no chemical hair colour.

This amazing natural hair dye of organic essence helps you witness the joys of hair coloring like that of the traditional times. Here we get you enlisted the other advantages of opting for this Best Natural Hair Colour brand:

  • It is Ammonia free hair colour, Ppd free hair colour black that is also a No chemical hair colour. Therefore this Natural Hair Dye is exactly what you need. The normal chemical colours fail to protect your hair and instead cause a lot of damage due to the harmful effects of the strong chemical colouring agents.
  • Being the first PHAB free technology hair colour it works best both ways like being the best one in terms of Hair colour for women and also Hair colour for men.
  • This Organic hair colour is made up of herbs like Aloe Vera, Jojoba Oil, Basil, Honey etc. These certified herbs are essentially good for the hair and scalp as owing to their medicinal value they provide all-round nourishment to the hair and the scalp.
  • This excellent hair colour in addition, caters to a number of hair problems. It helps to control dandruff while also boosting hair growth and also helps to prevent hair fall. Further, this hair colour contains the essential goodness of herbs that combats pre-mature ageing in an effective manner.
  • This hair colour product happens to be doctor recommended being an Organic hair dye and is dermatologist tested to be a Safe hair colour.
  • This Natural Hair Dye works as a Permanent hair colour that stays for a good span like three to five weeks. You can choose to touch up from time to time as it comes in a multiple application pack.
  • It is free from any kind of side effects and causes no skin allergies to be precise. With certified ingredients as composition, it is suitable for application on all hair kinds.

With amazing organic composition to its credit, here’s why this amazing Natural Hair Dye works as the complete solution for the tresses apart from colouring them in the most natural manner:

  • Aloe Vera- Helps to maintain the pH balance of the scalp and works as a completely natural conditioner.
  • Amla- Promotes hair growth and Amla being rich in Vitamin C provides for the required nourishment of the hairs that is needed for maintaining the proper health of the scalp and the hairs.
  • Henna- An important ingredient of this Best Natural Hair Colour as Henna helps to impart a natural colour to the hairs while working as a brilliant conditioner that conditions the hair strands deeply right from their roots. It is a natural remedy for dandruff.

The other ingredients include certified herbs, plant extracts and other essential oils that are known to work wonders in respect of hair care and this organic hair colour in addition works as the ideal solution for the tresses and scalp.

Fall in love with organic hair colouring with the brilliant ‘Indus Valley Gel Hair Colour’, the Natural Hair Dye brand that talks of natural care.

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