Some myths related to not being able to join boarding schools

There are many parents who are eager to enroll their child at the best boarding school in the region, to ensure a good future and career. It is the dream of every parent to get their child to get the very best facilities and education their money can buy. It will be useful to do some research few boarding schools and to choose the very best among them.

Boarding school for boys in Dehradun does offer the child with greater security, excellent education by the top teachers and a wonderful life and future. With time, boarding schools have evolved and its perception is fast changing.

Some myths associated with not fitting at the boarding school

  • Need to be very wealthy for getting admissions in the leading boarding school: These days, there have emerged numerous boarding schools across the country, with many receiving financial aid from government and non-profit institutions. Financial aid grants are likely to represent a good portion of the tuition fees and this will depend upon the family situation and the school. Students getting admitted to boarding schools are found to come from popular public schools as well as different family income levels. Boarding schools in general, do their very best to make the programs accessible to the family in the form of loan programs, financial aid grants, scholarships and merit awards. Private school loans available from banks and financial institutions have made admission all the more easier.
  • Rare diversity at the boarding school: Most of the boarding schools do boast of having children coming from various segments of the society and from all parts of the country. These schools are found to be much more diverse, when compared to public schools. Moreover, such schools do develop meaningful opportunities for the child to make interactions with each other easier, be it at the playing fields, classrooms or the dorms.
  • Children cannot have fun at the boarding school: Rules and curfew are part of life for children at the boarding school. At the same time, life can also be immense fun and exciting. Speaking to the students at any of the boarding school will help to know better. The reputed Dehradun boys boarding school do offer an environment, which is conducive for children to make friends and to have fun along with serious studies. The boarding schools do focus more on strong academics. At the same time, they also try to foster independence among students. They offer choices to students as to how they wish to pursue their hobby and activities.
  • Not able to be in touch with the family: Thanks to the mobile phones and internet, it has become much easier for the family and the child to stay connected regularly. The reputed boarding school does offer their students with regulated internet access between certain hours. Each school has its own rules and regulations regarding using of mobile phones and the net.

Therefore, the wrong conception about boarding schools should be removed immediately.

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