Toilet and Bathroom Cleaning Tips and Tricks

How many of us really like cleaning the bathroom? No matter your view, it’s a routine that has to be done. We’ll show you how to get bathroom cleaning done faster, smarter, and better.

Efficient bathroom cleaning

The bathroom is one of the most complicated places when it comes to cleaning the home. Having to clean the bathroom is just as unpleasant as using a dirty one, therefore it is a task that no matter how much we try to avoid, sooner or later we will have to perform.

Many times we ignore the potential of a clean bathroom. There’s nothing better than a hot shower after a difficult day or listening to your favorite song while you get ready in front of the mirror for an important date. It is only possible to enjoy these situations if we perform them in a clean bathroom.

Do you want a shiny bathroom? Follow these tips for efficient bathroom cleaning and apply them to your weekly housekeeping routine.

Thorough cleaning of the bathroom

Step 1: apply the cleaning products

One of the common mistakes when cleaning is not to leave the necessary time for the products to act. Therefore, start by applying the cleaning products on the bathtub and let them rest while you continue with other areas. Remember to use rubber gloves to clean and prevent chemicals from touching your skin.

Step 2: Cleaning the toilet

To clean the toilet sprays the entire surface with disinfectant and applies a little inside the toilet. Let the product act a few minutes before cleaning it. Remember to clean from the top down and do not stop cleaning the back. Once the time has passed pull the chain and dry the applied product on the surface.

Step 3: Back to the bathtub

Use the handle of the shower and apply water to the entire surface of the bathtub (on which you applied the product previously). Use a sponge to rub the dirt and if necessary you can clean small spots with a toothbrush.

Step 4: the bath screen

Do not forget to clean the bath screen as well. Doing it is very simple, you can use vinegar, the cleaner par excellence, or a generic product applied on a cloth.

Step 5: clean the sink and mirrors

Clear the surface and apply the cleaning product on a cloth. Scrub the countertop, sink and remove lime stains. Pay special attention to the remains of toothpaste that may remain inside the bathroom sink. When cleaning, do it from the outside in, directing all the water to the pipe. Then proceed to clean the bathroom mirrors. When drying the mirror, use newspaper in one direction (left to right or top to bottom)

To finish cleaning the bathroom…

Empty the garbage can sweeps and scrubs the floor. There is nothing better than the smell of a clean bathroom so you can give the final touch by applying incense or an air freshener with your favorite scent.

The bathroom is one of the places that more bacteria accumulate at home. Therefore, it is recommended that in addition to the routine surface cleaning that we do, at least once a year you perform a thorough cleaning with the help of Housekeeping Agency. Request without commitment a budget for thorough cleaning of the bathroom so that our team is responsible for disinfecting and cleaning more than 200 areas of your home where dirt accumulates without you noticing.

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