Which smart phone is right for you?


Smart phones were previously thought to be ‘luxury’ phones back in the day when iPhones were first introduced. Only a few owned them and they were a big deal back then. They still are. However, with emerging brands ever since as well as the rise of Android operating system, owning a smart phone has become easier and now can be seen in almost everybody’s hands.

Every smart phone now comes with a variety of features so now it is easier to buy a smart phone according to your style, taste, requirements and budget.

So here are some of the smart phones that have been released recently and each belongs to a different price range.

IPhone X

The oh so raved about iPhone by in the recent times, iPhone X by Apple comes with an all new glass design as well as latest technology with a completely renewed camera with new features, better performance, great battery life and no home button. If you are looking for quite a bougie smart phone, this one is surely for you.

IPhone X is readily available across mobile phones websites in Pakistan and you could easily get your hands on this beauty. However, you might want to watch out for the hefty iphone x price in pakistan tag amounting for $999.

Samsung Galaxy A8 Plus

If you are not about that thousand dollar price tag life but still want to get your hands on smart phone that is unique and different than every other on the market, this handset is definitely for you. With a relatively better price point, this one also feature a sleek design with a bigger screen and no home buttons, providing it with a very luxurious look.

Samsung a8 plus comes in three different charming colors, but nothing funky like pink or blue. It comes in a classic black, gold and orchid grey.


QMobile Q Infinity LTE

This qmobile latest modelis the most affordable of all with a price point of around $150. This is also features a sleek design with an operating system of Android v7.0 Nougat. With a wide screen of 5.7 inches, you can now enjoy efficiency of a luxury phone on a budget with this one.

It also features a brighter display and an extensive built in memory of 32GB which is quite impressive for the price. Capture great photos with a 13 MP rear camera and a 16MP front camera for flawless selfies. What’s not to like about this smart phone? If you are on a budget and thinking about buying a phone urgently, this one is highly recommended for a smooth experience.

So here were some of our smart phone favorites at the moment with unique features, specifications and price range. All of the mentioned phones can easily be bought online via Telemart.


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